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Our original plan was to built us a snowcave, so went up there and searched for a good place with enough snow, the best exposition and shelter from the icy wind and startet to dig. It was pretty exhausting, but we got quite far and it already looked like a cozy place to spend the night in. We often go out into the mountains, ski touring or on a climbing mission, but we never built up a cave or an Iglu to sleep in, so it was more a test for the next adventure. It wasn’t that far away from the gondola station Hafelekar above the city of Innsbruck. For us, living there, it is that kind of microadventure you can start if you don’t have that much time, but you want to be outdoors and active. By the way, this is one of the reasons I love to live there. As we finished digging, we went down to the station, where a worker recognized us and asked what the hell we are doing up there.

It was one of the coldest nights of the winter with -23 degrees celsius without the windchill factor, so he said: „Guys, you can sleep inside the station as I leave the door open for you. There you will have a heater, a toilet chairs and a table.“ We looked each other and it was clear that we, of course, would sleep in our cave. So we said thanks, turned around at walked back up. We were shooting some landscape pictures, thats what we both do for a profession and went to the cave. It was so cold, that our hands where freezing in our gloves. You couldn’t even pull the trigger of the camera anymore. After the last sunlight disappeared behind the peaks we wanted to go to sleep, but than we talked about how good a warm shelter would be right now. So we went back into the station, where we cooked us a warm soup and were pretty happy in the end, that the door was open. 

On the next morning we were woken up by the alarm around 6:30. We went outside and got some more pictures from the sunrise. As the sun finally touched our skin, it was an awesome feeling. I remembered some pictures of the same motive from the Antarctica, so we tried to get the same setting. We boiled some water, I was lying at the ground as my buddy was getting his thermos bottle full of water and positioned him in front of the sun and well, it worked out! After we tried it a couple of times, we got the perfekt spray. I think the picture says exactly reflects how we felt at that moment. Pretty happy.

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