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It was very early this season and the snow already was dumping. Could this be the winter we were waiting for years now? We all hoped so and the level of stokeness was pretty high. As we read about the first powder alarm we knew what to do. Weather forecast was kind of bad, with no sight and fog all day. Alarm was set and we were ready for some powder dreams.

As we were sitting in the gondola we were pretty disappointed. We couldn’t even see a single peak. But as we get onto our skies we knew that this would not bother us at all. The snow was like a our dreams came true.¬†

This is why we love skiing. This is what it’s all about. Grab your skies, have not too much ¬†expectations and when you drop in feel the freedom, feel the mountains and be grateful of what you can experience. Like we were that day. Thanks freeskier Anne Wangler & Daniel Zoergiebel for that awesome day, well spend.

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