I grew up playing outside and nature was always my favorite surrounding. During my young days I traveled to a lot of regions and countries, diving deep into different cultures. Seeing myself as a young gun, without thinking about tomorrow, I was searching for nothing but good times. During that period of life I learned that photography is more than a conservation tool. It is an artistic language of expression. But as life take it turns, we get older, get more grown up. After studying geography, I ended up working in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, as a project manager for cycling infrastructure for the city council. No doubt, I loved the job, but I still remembered my dreams of freedom and independence. I made a cut moving to Innsbruck, Austria. Since four years now I live in the heart of the alps, feeling more alive then ever before. I try to keep a balance in what is important for me. Working as a professional photographer I can combine my enthusiasm for stylistic perfection, the beauty of nature and her conservation and my love of freedom. Despite i know that life is a journey, I can claim that I arrived. For now.


I established my business as a freelancer in 2016. Since then I got the opportunity to travel to wonderful places, work with inspiring people and progress in photography and videography skills and techniques every single day. Recent clients are MAZDA Österreich, Open Faces Freeride Qualifier, NOX Cycles, Sportograf GmbH, Roberto Savaggio Berlin.

You finde more about me and my photography philosophy here: Interview with www.Powder-Magazin.com (german)

I'm very proud winning the first price of the SIGMA / Naturgucker Landscape Award 2017 and I would like to thank everyone for the support and I'm looking forward to a adventurous, fullfilling season in 2018.